Jupiter In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the Eighth house - Since Jupiter is in your eighth house you will not have be very attractive, you will be average looking, with a medium height and slightly darkish skin.

Nature – Since Jupiter is in your eighth house you will be clever. You will speak very fast and will exhibit a lot of anger.

You will have the desire to know about the secret behind the occult. Because of this you will keep wandering and visiting the graveyards, places of fumigation and other lonely places. You will like to be in the company of saints and would like to give out all your wealth to them. Just in case if you do not have any of these traits you will have a lot of friends. You would like to show off and therefore overspend on them to show off.

You will be kind at heart. You would like to help others. You will have independence and originality in your thinking and you will like logical and evidence in thinking. You will not believe in things which have no logic or evidence. You would like to get to the roots of the problems.

You would love to lead a luxurious life. And will spend a lot of money on luxurious items.

Academics and employment options – Jupiter is the reason for education therefore you will have an interested in studies. You will have a sharp mind and will also yearn for knowledge.

You can engage in studies related to psychology, astrology, religion, sociology, mining and para- medical sciences . You will also be interested in making and selling of statutes. You can also work as a insurance agent and teacher of astrology.

You can also engage in selling goods required for performing rituals related to death. You can also work as legal advisor for writing will and things related to law court.

Family Life – You will not get adequate love and care of your mother. The reason for this will be your mothers leaving you at an early age. You will have to bear the responsibility of your family. And you will carry out these responsibilities well. All your younger brother and sister will take your advice before taking any step. And you will be adored and respected by all of them.

Your will have complete cooperation of your wife. She will take up the responsibility related to the household and fulfill all her duties well but her thoughts may not match with that of the other family members and therefore, you will have some tensions related to your household. You may have problems giving birth to a new one initially but later you will have a complete family.

Health – Eighth house is the house of death. Jupiter in this house will lead to your sudden death or death after a prolonged illness.

There are chances of you dying at a religious place. After your death you soul will have a good transition. You may suffer from sexual diseases.

Inauspicious – Because of the inauspicious Jupiter you will be a thief or robber or a cruel person. You will work towards an evil cause. There will be some evil or the other which lead to your downfall. There are chances of you getting into an affair with a pregnant woman. This may lead to either profit or loss for you. In case of loss you fame will be doomed and Incase of profit you will receive wealth from this rich woman. You may also be sentenced to imprisonment.

You may lack the courage and to some extent you will also be lethargic.

This will have a bad impact on your finances. Your will just lead your life and there are chances that you will not have any special achievement in the same. Your heart and soul will be like a dried flower.
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