Jupiter In Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter in eighth house in annual chart bestows one with divine help at the time of troubles. One’s destiny favors in installments other than in financial matters. Financially the native grows. The native attains wealth/ gold even from the remotest place. He/ she have golden touch in finger. Small house may be turned in big house soon. The store house is filled with all commodities. One lives long life. If native is suffering from any ailment and has to go for surgery, eights house Jupiter will save the native from the possibility of surgery and other healing practice will work as savior. There will be opportunities for foreign travel too. Interest in spiritualism and Para sciences will enhance. The native will feel encouraged & motivated throughout the year which will bring positive results.

But, Jupiter in aspect or conjunction with malefic planets will not be auspicious. The native will be financially under pressure and incur many loans in that year. There may be untimely death of senior person in the family. Evil spirits will trouble the native & diseases like cold, cough and related to respiratory system may appear. Self confidence will be low & may behave in cowardly manner. There will be lack of confidence. No friend will come forward to help the native.

To enhance the positive results & remove the malefic influence the native must do some remedies & take precautionary measures.
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