Jupiter In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the Eleventh house – Because of the Jupiter in your eleventh house you will have an average height. You will be healthy, with a roundish beautiful face. You will have a lot of hair on your body with a protruding stomach.

Nature – You will have a humanitarian outlook. You will have a healthy outlook to a progressive life and problems related to the same. You will a little hesitant in approaching others. You will not take decision in haste. And therefore you will always take calculated decisions. You will always be alert, patient; with good concentration and focus for studies. You would have clarity in your speech and will be dear to everyone. But being too outspoken would also bring problems for you.

You will love nature and peaceful environment like mountains, riverside and natural springs.

You will be blessed with the power of occult. You would have interest in meditation. You will have good memory power and a scientific approach of thinking.

Academics and employment options – You will not be highly educated. You will be interested in technical education. You will have knowledge about various art forms but will not have expertise in any of them. You can earn money through use of new technology, machinery, research and investment activities.

Your voice will have the quality of attracting others towards you. You will be an expert at giving speech which will arouse people to violence. You will have an expertise in moving anything to your advantage through your speech.

Because of Jupiter in the eleventh house you may get a government service as well. You will be gazette officer. You may even become a judge.

Family Life – You will have a decent family life. Till the time your father is alive you will get all the comforts of life. After your father’s death even the near and dear ones will leave you alone.

You will have affinity for your family. In choosing your life partner you will give more importance to the capabilities and education without worrying about the age. Your house will be well decorated and will have all latest gadgets of life.

You will be able to express your love. Your wife will be beautiful and will be an expert at household chores. She will be simple and will possess good character.

You will have your children on time. You will have equal number of male and female children. Your children will be successful singer and will also be successful at debates and discussions during their lifetime.

Health – You may suffer from infectious diseases, tooth pain and tonsils. Once you age you may have problems in your arms and abdomen.

You will have to take good care of yourself when season changes.

Inauspicious – After your father’s death Jupiter starts showing its inauspicious results. Even if your father is living you will stay away from him. You will see others dying in your family in front of your eyes.

When you will be around 12 yrs old your mother and father will face a financial crisis. Your own family members will not support you and you may even get your last burial clothes from others and therefore you may die as an unknown identity.

You will not be able to make a decent living for yourself. You will not be able to buy things of daily needs. You will earn from one source and will lose it through others. You will rely heavily on fortune and less on hard work. You would remember god in bad times but even he will not be able to help you.

Because of the inauspicious Jupiter you will get addicted to alcohol which will drain out your entire wealth.
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