Jupiter In Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

Jupiter in eleventh house in the annual chart is an excellent position and it casts auspicious results in the entire year. Enemies become friends & the native too keeps aside all enmity in order to forgive them and meet like a true friend. The year can be considered best in terms of wealth & property. There will be increased source of income. The native gets full support from elder brother and father. Business of artificial jewelry will be beneficial. The native will get job in the reputed/ top class organization. Family relations will be sweet and there will be chances of new love coming in your life. There will be gain of wealth through the government/ related works. Education of the native will enhance and attainment of higher knowledge becomes easier.

If, Jupiter in eleventh house gets afflicted due to the association or aspect of malefic planets the native’s respiratory system will be diseased. There will be breathing problems and native’s life become monotonous. His/her situation will be like a palm tree as no one will stand on his/ her side and provide helping hand. Unnecessary expenditures will take place. The native will move in low pace. There will be troubles from wife and children and loss of wealth might also be faced too in that year.

So, to cast of the malefic effects of afflicted Jupiter in eleventh house, one must follow some precautions & remedies.
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