Jupiter In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the fifth house - Since Jupiter is in your fifth house you will have slightly darkish colour and have an average height. You will have a beautiful face, and it will have the shades of learned and compassion.

Nature – Jupiter in this house helps the person cleanse his heart. In other words there will be a special kind of purity in your thoughts. It is because of this reason that you would have the desire to help others and there will no form of greed within you.

You will be clever, tolerant, and intelligent person. You will have the knack to speak with clever manifestation. You will like the truth and give correct suggestions to others. You will like justice to prevail.

You will be passionate for buying and reading books. You will not like to waste your time on frivolous matter but rather spend the same on studies.

You will be completely religious in nature. You would like to follow the religion, follow the rituals and customs and respecting the elders will be a part of your nature. You will have the special power of thoughtfulness and will be a well behaved person.

You will try to understand life from an internal and spiritual perspective.

Academics and employment options – Fifth house in the horoscope is also related to education. You will be an academician. You will receive very good education. You will win a lot of competition because of your intellect. You will put you heart and soul in the subject that you will be studying. You will have the blessings of goddess Saraswati

This kind of placement of the Jupiter in the fifth house can make you a good principal, chairman of a religious organization, or can make you a teacher of religion. In other words you will earn from your intellect.

You can do very well in field of teaching, engineering, as a doctor, astrology, Vedic studies and sciences.

If you are in business engage in activities of selling books, stationery, toys, Nursery, open a school, be a religious orator, selling and buying of religious items etc.

Because of the auspicious Jupiter you will be a good orator and you will be highly creative and innovative. You can get in to writing or become a spiritual/religious orator.

Family Life – Because of Jupiter in the fifth house you will have a decent family life. You will get the cooperation of your parents and siblings. You will take care of every body’s wishes.

Your wife will belong to a well to do/royal family. She will be beautiful and modest. Your lucky star will have their impact only after your marriage. Jupiter will also help you in having children and your children will be famous. You will have children of both the sexes.

If your son is born on a Thursday, your stars will become brighter. And after this you will have major achievements in your life.

Health – You will be healthy and have a long life. If, Jupiter turns inauspicious your lever or kidney may get infected. You may suffer from air-borne diseases, chest infection and swelling in body.

Inauspicious – If Jupiter turns inauspicious you will not have peace at heart. You will remain disturbed and distracted. You will not be able to complete your education. You will not be successful in your job neither have a business of your own.

You will not have the regard and respect of your family. Nobody will give any importance to you. You will keep wandering to different places away from home.

This will also have an inauspicious impact on your children. You will have children very late in your life. You will waste all your money on luxurious living and high end clothes.

If you keep physical relationship with married women you will be ruined. This will result in chances of you getting robbed as well.

You will be able to meet up with your financial expenditure but you will not have the same ambitions in life.
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