Jupiter In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter in fifth house in annual chart is very auspicious. The native starts a business with solid foundation. The children flourish and bring good name for the family. Seeking advice from father or old, senior, people proves beneficial for the native. If the child’s birth takes place on Thursday, it is an excellent sign. One’s creativity gets increased and benefits through speculation or gambling are achieved too in that year.

If there is any legal hassle, const case or government enquiry that goes in native’s favor, social status is enhanced. Three generations of the family from grand parents to grand sons lead a happy & blissful life.

If Jupiter gets afflicted due to the aspect or conjunction of malefic planets in fifth house, it is unable to cast its auspicious results. One’s education gets disturbed or he/ she won’t be able to accomplish any work in time. His/ her own kith & kin well behave like stranger the life will become struggling. There will be lack of male progeny in the family. The theft or diseases in stomach and throat may trouble the native.

So, one must do some remedial measures and take some precautions in order to cast off the malefic effects of Jupiter.
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