Jupiter In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the first house - Since Jupiter is in your first house you will have an average height, big face, big forehead and glow on your face. Your skin color will not be fair.

Nature – You will be a social worker by nature. Jupiter in the first house has a very strong influence. Since Jupiter is in your first house you will be very generous at heart. You would always like to help others. You have originality in your thoughts. Your ideas are well thought of logical, and are backed by evidence.

You will be a religious and honest person. You will have a lot of faith in religion. You will not be afraid of any thing in life since, you have complete faith in god and handed over the reigns of your life to him. You will meet your material aspirations by virtue of divine power that you enjoy of the goddesses.

You will have an attractive face which will resonate with love, endearment and serious thinking personality.

You will have interest in games and sports and you will like to play games where intelligence is required. You will spend money on luxury and luxurious items.

Academics and Employment options – Since Jupiter stands for knowledge and academics you will have interest in studies. You will be sharp minded and vie for more and more knowledge.

You can engage in the studies related to math, philosophy, commerce, banking, law, education, Vedas, naval studies, political sciences, civics and studies related to amendments.

You will have good financial status and by the grace of god there will be decent flow of funds.

You will not be interested in technical education. You will receive your education with a consideration that you are intelligent and smart. You will have interest in spiritual studies. You can be a good principal or judge. You will be recognized by the ruler/king of a state and you will be respected person in the society.

Because of such planetary arrangement you will be a spiritual teacher (guru). That means your faith and knowledge in religion will establish you as a spiritual teacher (guru). You will show the religious path to others and people will benefit from your knowledge and calm temperament.

Family Life - Jupiter in the lagna house watches the fifth house with the fifth eye which makes things related to fifth house more auspicious and bears fruitful result for you. Your children will also achieve name and fame in the society.

Jupiter in the lagna house sees the seventh house with the seventh eye. Therefore, your married life will also be largely successful. Your wife will be an expert and devoted to household chores. She will always be faithful to you as wife.

You will be adored and pampered by your parents. Your mother will remain in good health and you will inherit a lot of property. Your father will be honest, duty bound and firm believer of religion. You will respect and regard the elderly.

Health – You will be healthy. But in case you get sick or suffer from any ailment you will have problems related to breath or heart related problem. You will have the fear of having weak eyesight or suffering from tuberculosis, gastro entities, fever or getting hurt.

Inauspicious – Most of the time Jupiter in the first house is not inauspicious. But if it is surrounded by all opposing planets it will make a little extra clever. Your speech will exhibit buttering and cleverness. You would always like to engage in conversation which will benefit you.

You will either not get married or will get married very late. You will fail at many love affairs. You will not be highly qualified. You will not be able to settle your business. You will suffer from financial problems.
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