Jupiter In First House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter (Guru) in the first house of the annual chart is considered very auspicious. Jupiter in first house gives heights in the field of education. One’s destiny which seemed to be against the native becomes favourable and things start filling at the right place. The native gets excellent results in all areas of life – especially happiness through children, spouse and career is sure. The success in government matters is likely. But, one has to work very hard with wisdom, in systematic manner and has to control anger & aggression which could block the path of progress.

If, Jupiter in first house has aspect or is in conjunction with malefic planets, the native may loose his/ her patience & will power in no time. Dissatisfaction will rule the feeling of native in spite of holding the high position. Father of native will face financial loss and receives inauspicious results. He might face diseases related to blood & respiratory system.

To cast off the malefic effects and for enhancing the benefic traits of this planet one must take some precautionary & remedial measures.
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