Jupiter In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the Fourth house - Since Jupiter is in your fourth house you will have a small height and average looks. You will not have the glow on your face. The palm of your hand will be bigger compared to the fingers. In totality you will have an average personality.

Nature - You will be a helpful and friendly person. You will have a lot of enthusiasm. You will have a child like personality who will be taken back at slight disturbing sound as well. You will have difficulty in taking decision on any given matter.

You will at the service of Brahmins, and other spiritual and religious gurus. Your conduct will as per the guidance of religion. You will respect the elderly and the norms and conventions established by them.

You will be well behaved with everyone that you come across and therefore you will get their cooperation as well. You will not hesitate in spending money. You will spend on your house, vehicle and things of material pleasure. You would like to have everything which is big and huge.

Academics and employment options – You will be an intellectual. You will have expertise on more than one subject. Besides the knowledge on education you will have knowledge about many art and art forms like paintings, craft work, videography, interiors, stitching and fashion designing etc.

You will be a rich person and your money will be spent on auspicious work. You may benefit from somebody’s death letter.

You may engage in activities like farming, fishery, fruits and vegetables, clothes, ghee and milk etc.

Family Life – Because of the Jupiter in your fourth house money will start flowing right from the time of your birth. You will be lucky and be full of auspicious marks. You will be a peaceful soul and your mother will also have a good life. And, you will have a good relationship with your mother.

You will be a famous during your lifetime. You will be a landlord and have a palatial house. You will be adored and chased by wealth therefore will be a very rich person.

You will enjoy the company of your mother, wife and children.

Your father will be a judge or an officer in high rank. You will gain money suddenly from lottery or other people. Your mother’s brother and sister will also have a good life. Everything put together you will be lucky for your mother’s family and will have a good life.

Health – Because of the Jupiter you may suffer from heart related or mental problems. If Jupiter will turn inauspicious you will suffer from problems related to stomach. You may suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure, and fever, problems related to brain, pettishness and throat problems.

Inauspicious – If Jupiter turns inauspicious you will not be able to complete your primary and secondary education though, you will be full of knowledge but will not be able to use the same.

Because of the weak Jupiter you will have a rigid stance. In your pride you will show others down and will therefore make them your enemy. You will react at every instance and will be a loud mouth. Though, you might not have ten rupee in pocket but you will talk about millions and trillions. You will remain tensed and distracted. And this will impact your health as well.

This will have an inauspicious impact on your mother’s health as well. You will not have your own house or vehicle. You will have a small house in contrast to what you desire. Your mother’s family will also not be doing too well.

Note: The reason for inauspicious Jupiter is the peepul tree (ihiy) which is there in front or backside of your house.


Or a religious place in the vicinity of your house.
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