Jupiter In Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter in fourth house in annual chart is considered very auspicious as Jupiter exalts (in its highest position) in this house. The native is immensely benefited by education & wisdom. He/ she become the owner of land/ property. New business is started which gets success in no time. One’s economic financial aspect is strengthened. Mother’s special attention & affection is received during that year. The auspicious message from the children’s side is also received. New vehicle is bought and there may be unexpected gains through lottery / speculation during that year.

Jupiter casts inauspicious results, if it has either aspect or conjunction with malefic planets in fourth house of annual chart. The native may take such decision during that year which cause harm and make all efforts fruitless. The enemies succeed in making conspiracies. The native stays in the state of poverty in spite of having all the resources in hands. There may be accident/ injury & lack of happiness.

To cast off the malefic effects & to enhance the auspicious results of Jupiter in fourth house one must take some precautions & perform remedial measures.
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