Jupiter In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the Ninth house - Since Jupiter is in your Ninth house you will be tall, healthy very with a long face and attractive body. You will be handsome looking and will have a special charm on your face.

Nature – You will be pleasing to everyone’s heart and soul. You will have the majesty of a king. You will have all the luxury in your life. You will be famous every where.

Jupiter in this house reduces the impact of other offences in your horoscope. Jupiter in the ninth house signifies your interest towards religion. Jupiter in this house will makes you inclined towards religious activity. You may or may not be a saint but you would like to show your complete devotion and love in god.

You will be completely social and religious and you will have a special status in the society. You will be a respected man with a special status in the society. You will be intelligent and courageous.

Academics and employment options – You will be placed in education or science center. You will either be educated in a very high class institution or in a primitive school (gurukul). You will value and obey what is acceptable as a norm in the society.

Jupiter in the ninth house sees the fifth planet with its ninth eye and therefore you will earn because of your intelligence.

Jupiter is the cause of justice. Therefore your work may relate to law or court as well. You may become a priest, or a singer who sings religious hymns, or a teacher or professor in a school or college. You work may even relate to those of navy, or international tours and travels. You may earn your PHD and degrees in the field of religion, Vedas, or may write essays or text on pre-birth life.

Family Life – You will have a good family life. Your wife will be a courteous lady who will take care of everyone in the family. She will respect everyone in the house and treat everybody with dignity and respect including the care takers of the house.

Your children will achieve what you want them to do and they would be famous in their respective field of work. You will be born in a respectable and financially well off family but you would not run after money like others in the family. You will be get success very early in your life and will be recognized for the same by your family members and relatives. You will get respect from everyone around.

Health – Because of Jupiter in the ninth house you will normally be in good health. You may sometimes suffer from seasonal flu. But because of the inauspicious Jupiter your family members may suffer from problems related to breath and heart.

Inauspicious – If Jupiter turns inauspicious you may not be able to complete your education. Even if you are able to complete your education you will not be able to benefit from it. You will get lethargic. You will hardly get involved in religious activities.

Because of the inauspicious Jupiter you may lose your father by the age of 15 or would start staying away from him. You will have good relationship with your brothers but you may not get a lot of support from them. It will have an adverse impact on your capabilities or potential.

It will have a bad impact on your family life as well. You may have to face a lot of difficulties in your life. The gold that you possess will either get stolen or you may have to sell it. You may have problems in family life and may even have problems in giving birth to your own children.
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