Jupiter In Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

When Jupiter is posited in the ninth house of the annual chart the native prospers spiritually & mentally. One is honored by the higher organization/ reputed institutions and achieves higher position. Destiny will take positive turn and move on right direction. If native is longing for promotion, this year there will be hike in position or promotion for the native. There will be chances of pilgrimages/ & foreign travel which will yield fruitful results. Charity, compassion, generosity and faith in God etc will be main traits of the native. Auspicious ceremonies will take place at home, financially the year proves profitable, professional plan will successfully be accomplished.

If, Jupiter has aspect or is in conjunction with malefic planets its auspiciousness gets afflicted & the native faces problems from the children’s front. Children will either suffer due health/ Love/ or education. One faces separation or sorrow from near & dear ones. One becomes arrogant & proud. One will be disoriented from the religious and can establish illegal relation with much older person, one becomes inactive & lazy and faces financial crunch. There may be governmental punishment too.

One must follow some precautions and remedies to cast off the malefic effects of afflicted Jupiter.
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