Jupiter In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the second house - Since Jupiter is in your second house you will be fair looking. You will have beautiful and attractive eyes. You will be a very handsome and good looking. Nobody can stop themselves from adoring your charm while you are young.

Nature – You will be a donor/giver by nature and will have a lot of moral and cultural values. You will have deep interest in religion. You will be committed to what you promise or speak. You will go all out to fulfill whatever you have said, promised/committed.

You will have good oratory skill and will be a sweet talker. You can become a famous speaker. You will have the knack to accomplish what you want by convincing others. You will know how to praise and butter others while talking. You will like buttering.

You will give right and correct suggestion to everyone. If people accept and follow your suggestion they will benefit from it.

Academic and Employment options - You will be intelligent with a sharp mind. If the auspicious planet does not have their impact you will have good academic achievement.

You will benefit by engaging yourself in activities like Performing yajna, rituals, Chanting of mantra (tantra-mantra), Insurance, Life insurance, teaching, astrology, mathematics, advisor etc.

You can even take up business related to real estate, interior decoration, and high end furniture.

The second place in the house is that of money and Jupiter is the contributor here. Jupiter is also called the kuber (dqcsj) which is the lord of wealth and riches. Therefore having Jupiter in the second house will fetch you money from different sources. You will be a rich person.

Jupiter in the second house is also linked to speech and this gives you logical power to your speech. If you are a lawyer or judge Jupiter in the second house will prove to be an absolute boon for you.

If you are in a job there are chances of getting a good position and will not have any major problems related to your work-life.

Family Life – Jupiter in the second house is also related to relatives and this includes your family, mother and father, brothers and sisters as well. Therefore you will have a joint family. Your parents and siblings will have a good life.

You will be friendly with your relatives. You will enjoy in the company of your brothers and relatives. You will have the tendency of taking care of your parents.

You may have a successful love affair. You will get an amiable and earning wife. Your wife will be an intellectual. She will take up all the responsibilities and will have the co-operation of all the family members. You will have very good relations with your in-laws and their relatives and will also be respected by them.

Health – The Jupiter in the second house sees the sixth house and keeps an eye on health and physical problems. This prevents you from ailments and diseases. If Jupiter becomes inauspicious you will be fond of good food and this will lead to you having a big belly. You may also suffer from mouth and tongue ulcers or you may suffer from wart and muscle knots (Gaanth) problems.

Inauspicious – If Jupiter becomes inauspicious because of the opposing planets you will become sick and obese. Despite your intelligence you will receive higher education. You will keep changing and swapping your schools and colleges.

You will not have a happy family life. There will be differences and tension with relatives and family members. Everyone in the family will think too highly about their opinions and there will be satirical comment all around.

You will not have peace because of financial losses. You may even think of committing suicide. This will have a inauspicious impact on your Bua , sister and daughter and to some extent will also impact your mother’s brother family.

You may use the power of tantra mantra and astrology in an unethical way to earn money because of the inauspicious Jupiter.
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