Jupiter In Second House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter in the second house in the annual chart again is an auspicious situation; the native gets benefits of communication & speaking powers. Rather you can say one attracts others through the magic of voice. One attains higher knowledge, and the relation with spouse and in laws gets strengthened. Spiritual inclinations and interests in religious activities are enhanced. One becomes eligible for scholarship by educational institutes. One gets profits through the business of earthen wares or clay works. One gets prestige honor & prosperity and fulfillment of desires in that year.

If Jupiter in second house is afflicted either by aspect or conjunction of malefic planets, one gets mental tension throughout the year. There may be punishment by government and higher authorities. One’s parents suffer, spouse’s health gets affected. Teacher (Guru) will behave as enemy and one may bring bad name for the family. One’s memory will be weak, sensual desires will in crease. There may be division of ancestral property in that year.

To cast of the malefic effects of planets & to increase the auspiciousness of Jupiter placed in second house one must follow these precautions & remedial measures.
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