Jupiter In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the seventh house - Since Jupiter is in your seventh house you will have a radiant face. You will have a well toned body. You will have an attractive and a fit body.

Nature - You will be full of physical strength, intelligence and virility. You will be honest and firm believer of god who will lead your life with devotion. You will not believe in old custom and tradition and will not be conservative or orthodox. You will have a modern thinking.

You will be an expert in conducting yourself with people as per their social status. You will rather hang yourself than becoming somebody’s slave. Though you will have religious feelings you will not have any religious superstition or staunch feeling about the religion. You will treat people of all religion equally well.

Academics and employment options – You will be good speaker and will have the power of attracting others with your speech. You will win many prizes in debates and discussions. You will be a good fit in politics. You will have a distinct quality of being a miser at certain places and overspending unnecessarily at others.

You will do well in jobs which require independent decision making like banking, religious business, mathematics, or education and publishing.

Family Life – you will not get the love and care of your father. The reason for this will be your father’s death or staying away from your father because of some circumstances. Your mother will have a long life. You will be brought up with the help of your mother or mother’s family. Your mother will be a hard working woman. You will have a lot of qualities of your father and you will be proud of him because of that. Right from your childhood you will be hard working and self made.

You will love your wife and children. You wife will be highly educated and will have a good understanding about the functioning of society. She will be able to earn on her own and will take care of her finances.

Health – Since you have god gifted strength, agility and virility. You will remain healthy. Still there are chances of paralysis attack. You may suffer from cold, cough and throat problems.

Inauspicious – Reason for inauspicious Jupiter will be a temple inside the house. You will keep having financial problems because of this. And all your family members will suffer the consequences of this inauspiciousness.

You will have stoppages/interruptions in your higher education. You will undertake useless journeys which will lead to wastage of time and money. You will not be able to use the subject that you have studied to earn your livelihood.

If you are in business you partner will commit forgery/fraud. Or anybody that you trust will commit fraud in business. Your friends and relatives will not be able to help you. And your married life will be full of pains and problems.
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