Jupiter In Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter in the seventh house in the annual chart casts its auspicious results for the entire family of the native. Unmarried gets married and one gets benefits in partnership business. The spiritual inclinations of the native get enhanced. One takes interest in astrology & related subjects. One may attain higher position in the society. Rewards & awards will be bestowed. There will be changes for the good. The in laws family of the native gets prosperity. One gets success in the field of astrology and makes money by this knowledge. The younger siblings and the friends of the native will render their whole hearted support to the native.

If, Jupiter has either aspect or conjunct with malefic planets in the seventh house, one has problem in child birth especially male child. One’s family is spoiled and has to face frequent arguments or separation from the spouse. The establishment of temple in the house will not be auspicious in that year as it may prove disastrous for native and father as well. It there is litigation, it will aggravate. Enemies will increase and hatch conspiracies against the native. Tension, seen & unseen troubles will keep on pouring. There will be meaningless expenditure on new job pursuits, works. The entire year will be full of turmoil.

To negate its malefic influences and to get the auspicious results of afflicted planet, one must do some remedies and take some precautions.
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