Jupiter In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the sixth house - Since Jupiter is in your sixth house you will be tall, slim and good looking. You will not have black hair, sharp mind and balance in your thoughts.

Nature - You will be at times be serious and somber and at times be very talkative. You will have a lot of angst within you and will get very angry. You will be against the use of violence. You will think straight and will talk wisely.

You will have high tolerance level and will be able to maintain the secrecy of anything which is required.

Jupiter in the sixth house is specially related to enemy. Therefore Jupiter in the sixth house will not allow many enemies for you. Even if you have enemies they will only talk in your absence to express there jealousy. They will not be able to harm you. You have the power of winning over others with your speech. Therefore, your enemy side will not be able to harm you in any way.

Academics and employment options – You will have a sharp mind. You will study and achieve whatever qualification that you want. You will benefit by engaging in to math, languages, grammar, Weather publishing, law, astrology and writing etc.

You will have the power of writing and therefore you can also get into the job of an editor. You can get in to government or other civil services as well.

You can do well in partnership business as well. You can make profits by engaging in activities like betting, racing, gold, almond and cashew nut since you have good knowledge about the fluctuation and cyclic increase or decrease in their prices.

Family Life – Jupiter in the sixth house is also referred as saintly natured. Jupiter in this house makes a person so calm as if a saint is sitting in his hut. You will have a peaceful environment in your house but may not have all the luxury or material well being.

You will get success in love affairs with too much of difficulty. You would have to work hard to convince your family members about your relationship.

You will be successful in taking care of the needs of the household after marriage. You will enjoy the married and family life. Your wife will be educated and will be in a job. She will help and support you at every step.

You will have a beautiful and well kept house.

Health – Sixth house is related to diseases and health problems. There are chances of you having frequent stomach problems. This is reason that you will be lean and thin and you will not have the strength in your muscles.

Jupiter in the sixth house will also have a bad impact on your wife’s health. You may suffer from asthma, blood clot, hernia, indigestion and other problems.

Inauspicious – If Jupiter turns inauspicious you will be deprived of fulfilling any of aspirations for years and years. Your money will be spent on useless items. You will the desire to get in to frivolous activity. And will have the desire to engage in .extravagance and womanizing.

You will have differences with you life partner or he/she will have health problems or she may suffer from some incurable disease.

Inauspicious Jupiter of the sixth house also creates problem in giving birth to a new one. You will have your baby after consulting a doctor and this will mean a lot of expenses for you. This will have an inauspicious impact on your children as well. They will not have major achievement in life.

This will not have a good impact on your father’s health as well. He may suffer from problems related to breathe or may have financial tensions.
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