Jupiter In Sixth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter in sixth house is good in the sense; Jupiter behaves very kind & honest in this house of the annual chart. One feels blessed by the ancestors and all desires get fulfilled without any difficulty. One’s name, fame and prestige are enhanced. The person is capable to face the challenges & get victory over them. One gets success by manual works. There is happiness through servants. One is blessed with the child. Co-operation from nice respectable person and financial benefits are likely. Maternal uncle and maternal grand parents prosper during that year. The aspect of Ketu on Jupiter will help the native to get success in all endeavors.

But, Jupiter either in conjunction or aspect of malefic planets reduces its auspiciousness, and one’s life becomes miserable. There will be lack of cash income and the native will have difference of opinion with father. Inactiveness & lethargy will increase and there will be loss of faith in religion. One will not be able to focus in any work and will be devoid of co-operation & support of near & dear ones. There will be loss or theft of gold ornaments. The children of the native may not be obedient and behave in hostile manner.

Following precautions & remedies are suggested to cast off the malefic influences of afflicted Jupiter.
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