Jupiter In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the Tenth house – Such people are physically laid back. Your height and body structure would have a medium built with wide cheeks and red lips. Eyes are generally red. Your voice would be similar to that of a lion or thunder. Your thighs and legs will be strong. But your paws will appear very big. You would have an attractive personality.

Nature – Generally people are peaceful but they may have a very bad temper. They are kind of blockhead. They would sit with trivial matters as problems in their heads because of which they live in mental tension. Your weakness will be good food. You will not have any special interesting in clothing and fashion.

Your opinion is impartial. You will help the ones in need. In return you will be subjected to disgust and opposition by others. In spite of not being financially well off you will get the respect and trust of others. You will be able to present your view point without being partial.

Academics and employment options – Such people are generally born intellects and have the business acumen therefore they will be successful in any profession. They have interruptions in their education but after that it continues and he/she can study and complete whatever level of education that they desire.

Because of Jupiter in the tenth house such people will not get good results if they use their intellect. But they would have to earn their livelihood by putting in physical effort or labour. They are generally capable of leading a free social and financial life. You will have grand success and achievements during the age group of 24 to 33 yrs. Still mental tensions during this period cannot be ignored. You will have a very favourable period during the age of 40 – 54 yrs.

Family Life – Such people get the complete affection and care of their mothers. Their mothers are generally healthy and have a long life. But they do not get the company of their fathers. Such people either lose their father very early in their life-time or they stay away from their father for some reason or the other. Even if the father is alive they are likely to have differences with each other. Such planetary position describes fathers as ones who would leave their children as orphans in this world. Such people who should give the kind of attention to their children do not do so. They do not give the kind of attention and spend the kind of money which is expected of them as fathers. They do not lead a very happy family life. Their wife generally is sick or stays away from them for some reason. They generally pay attention to their profession only.

Health – Such people are generally in good health till the age of 33. But after the age of 33 yrs they start facing health problems. They have some health problems or suffer from some ailments during their childhood.

If Jupiter gets weak such people will start having back pain, stomach, eyes or knee related problems. They may also suffer from paralysis, acidity, sugar etc. You may even have problems in your rib cage, sides or paws of your feet.

Inauspicious – If Jupiter is being looked after by opposing/enemy planets it will start giving inauspicious results. In such cases people would suffer from stomach problem all their life. They would have chest pain or suffer from heart problems. They are not able to complete their education. Despite their mothers being alive they are stay away from their mothers for some reason. They are opposed by their fathers. They do not get the respect of their children. They would have to go around places in search of jobs. If you have faith in religion and like helping others or standing for their need or support this will not at all be auspicious for you. Such person will remain unhappy and this will also impact his family life and he falls in relationship with characterless women his family life will be completely ruined.

If such a person would engage in activities related to Saturn he would have fire in his premises or loss in his business. He may even be alleged for stealing. Such people may get punishment from law for giving poison to someone however he in his earnest attempt must have only tried to feed somebody who was hungry.
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