Jupiter In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter in the tenth house in the annual chart bestows results like Saturn in tenth house. The native gets success only after hard efforts. The native will retaliates against the injustice and wealth is received after lot of and hard efforts. But, the native achieves remarkable success in the field of politics, if efforts are put in this direction the native reaches highest position in judiciary/ and achieves wealth, grandeur, prestige & honor. Subordinates provide their whole hearted support. Property, Land, vehicle etc are attained, Health will remain good. Parents will be happy & provide their support on regular basis time to time.

But there will be false assumptions and confusions, if Jupiter is in aspect and conjuncts with malefic planets. The native faces financial lose & has to put lot of efforts to earn bread & butter. Elder brother/ father will behave in hostile manner. The native may have diseases related to throat. Throat cancer might be possible. Family disputes, difference of opinions, conflicts will trouble the native. Inactiveness, lethargy and irritation will spoil the efficiency of the native.

So, to cast off the malefic effects of afflicted Jupiter one must fallow some precautions & remedies.
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