Jupiter In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the Third house - Since Jupiter is in your third house you will have an elegant personality. With a plain smiling longish face, sharp eyes and long thighs. You will have an identification mark on your face or on the back side of your head.

Nature – You will be religious and a firm believer in god. You will have a good behavior at the beginning of your life but it will change with circumstances/situations. Therefore you should be cautious in behaviour. It will hard to understand your ideas and thoughts. At times you will appear to be convinced and at peace and at times you will appear agitated and aggrieved. You will believe in convention and old norms.

You will not help others in illegal means and also suggest others of doing the same. Instead of harming others you would like to help others are looking for your support. You will have an ordinary life.

Academic and employment options – Besides the partnership business you will be successful and famous in all the fields that you choose. As a teacher, writer, actor and physician you can have a name and fame in these field. The age of 32 will not be a good time for you. But after this you will achieve success in life. You will not earn a lot of money but will have a lot of respect. The reason for you not being able to amass wealth will be you’re out spoken nature and not having the shrewdness required for business. Your face will have a mixed expression of innocence and sadness.

Family Life - You will be a very obedient child of your parents. You will respect your parents and teachers. Your brothers will have a good life. Your brothers will be famous and they will help you financially.

If you have good relationship with your brothers and sisters you will have better luck and fortune. And if you help your brother and sisters and have cordial relationship with them you will have a good destiny ahead.

You will not have a good married life. Either, you will divorce your wife or despite your wife you will get married to someone else. If you do not get in to a second marriage your wife will be very disturbed with her health problems. Despite this fact your wife will be good at household chores. And she will have good relationship and cooperation of all the family members.

Health - You will not suffer from any major ailment but you will be disturbed because of minor health problems. If you drink a lot of water you will be in good health. If you will not take care of your health then you may suffer from problems like hepatitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, throat infection, and Problems related to ears and stomach.

Inauspicious – You will become lazy if Jupiter becomes inauspicious. Although, you will be courageous because of the Jupiter in your third house but you will not be able to accomplish what you aspire for in your life with speed and momentum or will not be able to give a final shape to your aspirations.

You would like to get in to a job than opening up your own business. Because of the opposing planets you will start having greedy tendencies.

Because of the inauspicious Jupiter you will not be able to stay put with your family members, brothers and sisters. You may have ethical differences with them. Because, of your cleverness you will like to engage in robbery. You will be charged with criminal and civil suits in the court of law.

The inauspicious Jupiter will have a bad impact on your father or son. It is because of this that you will start having physical problems, mental tensions, unnecessary spending, tension about your career and an unstable destiny.
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