Jupiter In Third House (Annual Predictions)

When Jupiter is placed in the third house of the annual chart, the native is endowed with courage and becomes an enterprising person. One’s logical & reasoning powers get enhanced. One becomes a devout helper. In positive plane, he/ she can change the course of one’s life to whom he/she favors, and destroys ones to whom he/she hates. One gets the support of brother/ brother in law. One gets the job & does frequent travels on account of works which prove beneficial. One earns through writing, publishing, advertising etc. New ventures, new projects are started during that year.

If, Jupiter gets afflicted due to the aspect & conjunction of malefic planets, one becomes suspicious, greedy and have an eye on other’s assets. One will waste money on meaningless works. Professional progress and material happiness is blocked during that year.

One can cast off the malefic effects & increase the auspicious results of malefic Jupiter posited in third house by some precautionary & remedial measures.
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