Jupiter In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter in the twelfth house – Since Jupiter is in your twelfth house you will be short and fat. Your hands and feet will be quite small. You would have silken hair, fair skin, and a radiant face. You would have large attractive eyes.

Nature – You will be a creative thinker and a romantic person. You will be very honest. You will sometimes be angry and sometimes be composed. You will be influenced by others opinion.

You will lack will power Because of which you will not be able to complete any task. Therefore you will lack confidence and will power.

You will not be able to recognize your potential. It is because of this that you would not be able to progress. You will be traditional, self-trusting, a loner, god loving, very religious and will be devoted to practicing religious activities. You will not be able to bear the sufferings of even birds and animals around you and therefore you will reach out to help them as soon as possible. You will be touched by the suffering of anything which is living around you. You will be very weak hearted.

Academics and employment options – You will be educated and will have interest in astronomy. You will progress very slowly in life. You will not be very ambitious.

You can take up two professions simultaneously. One would be as consultant giving advice to others and the other one would be a job. You will be an expert in any new task within no time. You will turn out to be a good employee.

You can be engaged in fields like liquid products, export- import, astrology, consultant to a company, aeronautics or can work in a foreign land.

You will profit from tourism, transport and religious activities.

Jupiter in the twelfth house helps you profits from professions like lawyer, doctor, pilot and astrologer.

Family Life – Your family life will not be stable. You will play with around with everybody’s emotion but will never get serious.

You will either get married too early or too late in life. Your family life will be filled with tensions and problems you will have lack of wealth, love and will lack peaceful and cooperative environment in your house.

You will have differences with your father. You will not agree with his view points and therefore you will do things that you like. You will be lost in unimportant issues and therefore lose your time on the same.

Health – Because of the Jupiter in your twelfth house you may problems of eyes infection, asthma, headache, chest pain, heart problems and throat infection.

Inauspicious – If Jupiter is influenced by the enemy/opposing planets in that case you will turn an atheist and also become superstitious. You will unnecessarily undertake travels and lose money on the same. You may be extradited from a foreign land. You may have to visit the prison or hospital very frequently. You would have to face problems pertaining to health, children, and would not have a peaceful family life.
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