Jupiter In Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Jupiter in twelfth house in the annual chart makes yoga for foreign travel which is mainly related to either for the purpose of higher education or higher business. The native is blessed with the son with elder’s blessings the native will get busy in charity work and humanity. There will be feeling of renunciation, one sees only positivity even in negative/ evils. The native will influence his/ her enemies by wisdom and prudence and win over them. Good relations with the maternal uncle are likely. The health remains good. This position of Jupiter in 12th house indicates growth & success in the spiritual world and native’s liberal attitude and faith in traditions & religion.

Reverse to this, an afflicted Jupiter becomes inauspicious and makes the native an atheist. It enhances the negative results. There will be loss in business, strained relations with father and with other family members too. An outsider will take over & occupy one’s property & wealth. The partnership business will suffer loss. There will be mental tension due to the false ego of the native. One may be the victim of false allegations put up by foreign departments. There will be hurdles in passport, Visa related work, and one may face imprisonment too. There will be possibility of diseases related to nervous system.

One must follow precautions & do some remedies in order to cast off the malefic effects of afflicted Jupiter.
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