Ketu In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits : The position of Ketu in eight house of D/1 natal chart makes the person of whitish complexion. You will have long fingers in hands and big soles in the feet. The native won’t be a handsome person, rather lacks physical attraction.

Nature : One will be of religious nature. You would like to follow on the path of truth & religion. The intuitive powers of such natives are very strong.

Intelligence & farsightedness will be in abundance in your personality. You won’t do any work against the ethics. You will have interest in meditation, Tantra, Mantra activities & worshipping God. Astrology & related subjects will also interest you.

You would like to do yoga, exercise and morning walk before the sun rises. You will be an industrious person and a strict disciplinarian who would like to complete all your work in time.

Career Profession : You won’t be able to achieve higher education as your mind will have interest in other things than studies.

Whether you are educated or not but you will display remarkable intelligence time to time. You will also raise your voice against corruption.

In your opinion, those who are culprit should be punished whether they are your friend, relative or enemy.

You may start business of Land/ property/ commodity etc. other business related to iron, mines and machinery will also be beneficial for you.

You can do well in the fields of Astrology, spiritualism, and studies of Vedas. Business of fodder for the animals, cactus plants etc will also suit you.

Family Life : You will have very big joint family, which includes your uncles /aunts, parents and siblings and other family members.

You will have strong fascination for opposite sex, as you will be romantic by heart. You would leave your studies and enjoy parties & entertainment activities.

If you get married before the age of 27, you will have to face many obstacles.

Health : Skin diseases, urine and secret diseases may trouble you. Superficial activities like black magic, etc may be troublesome for the native.

Inauspicious Ketu may cause injury in the foot. Fear of dog bite, diabetes, or blood disorder, and limb damage will be the other possibilities.

If Ketu is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, your wife will face multiple miscarriages. The child will die in the womb. If the child birth takes place, injuries and diseases like sour throat, bronchitis may trouble the child one after another. Your house may get affected by magic and ghosts etc. Professionally you may face sudden downfall. Charges of misappropriation of money and civil cases will also be faced.

Ketu in eight houses makes the person tensed & restless. One faces financial insecurity. The native tends to get easily excited and speak harsh words.
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