Ketu In Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in eights house in the annual chart gives benefits through the government. One’s career gets momentum & is enhanced. The native achieves expertise in one field. One gets the financial support in form of loans & help etc from the financial institutes to start a business or new venture. The family & the subordinates also render their whole hearted support to the native to accomplish business/ professional plans. There is a spiritual awakening too to know the mysteries & deep meaning of life. One achieves recognition & acknowledgement in the society. Interest in yoga, meditation is enhanced & one gets happiness through land/ property / vehicle.

But, these auspicious results get afflicted if Ketu either has aspect or conjunct with malefic planets & one is bound to suffer. There will be obstacles & hurdles in works. The difference of opinion in the family will arise and father’s health gets affected.

There will be deterioration in father’s health. Married life will be monotonous & one is drawn towards spirituality. One suffers health hazards like allergy, & diseases in the genital organs. There will be possibility of fire accidents, theft, vehicle accident & injuries through weapon.

So, the native must follow these precaution & Remedies to cast off the negative affects of malefic planets.
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