Ketu In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in eleventh house makes the native tall and attractive person. One will have sharp eyes.

Nature: You will have good personality you will be endowed with tremendous courage. You will be a social worker and won’t like to sit ideally not for a moment. You will perform quality work.

You will gain honour & respect from others. Rock climbing, mountaineering etc adventures will attract you since your childhood. You will be an expert in indoor games too like chess. You will take interest in physical & mental both sports.

You will accomplish all your work with great patience after a great thought, hasty decisions are absolutely no for you.

Career & Profession: You will be of sharp mind but weak in matters of heart. Means you are a very practical person. You will have the insight to know every subject.

Your interests of subject are knowledge of language & sports. Politics will be your favorite subject. You may be selected captain at school/ college level, and later years of life you will spend your life in the service of your nation and society and occupy a higher position.

You may utilize your knowledge in very appropriate manner in quiz contest. Technical, information, technology, & building construction etc works may prove quite beneficial for you.

Ketu in eleventh house gives Rajyoga to the native. He may be honored and awarded by government or prestigious person of the society.

If Ketu is without any malefic effect it blesses one with abundant wealth. Ketu in this position may not give you ancestral property but you would be able to make your property on your own. You will be affectionate to your paternal and maternal uncles. You will have great respect for your elder brothers & sisters and attain their love & affection too.

You are likely to have love marriage. In that case you will be able take approval of your parent and family members, there will be grand celebration of your marriage, in laws side will also shower their affection for you. You will have special corner in your heart for your mother and sister in law. You will be helpful & caring for them.

Health: An afflicted Ketu may cause diseases like cervical problem, pain in spinal cord & back of thighs.

If Ketu is aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it will become afflicted and casts inauspicious results. The health of mother may be affected or there will be danger to her life at the time of child birth especially at the time of birth of son. Your own mother may also get affected. She may suffer eye problems, like weak vision or short sight or other diseases etc.

There will be lack of enthusiasm in your life that shall make you a lazy person. Inauspicious Ketu may cast negative effect on your property and children as well.
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