Ketu In Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

When Ketu is posited in the eleventh house of annual chart, there will be situations of financial gains and one gets desired success. There will be ample opportunities for foreign travel & pilgrimage as well in the entire year which will be professionally beneficial. One learns lesson from the past mistakes. New plans, new projects will give substantial financial gains. One is honored by the government, and is filled with zeal & enthusiasm throughout the year. One is bestowed with the blessings of some divine saint. There will be an excellent yoga of getting married/ and blessed with child in that year.

Contrary to this, afflicted Ketu gives troubles through children. If Ketu has either aspect or conjunt with malefic planets, there will be financial losses, house has to be sold, and mental tension remains constantly. There will be government punishment or lose of job. Termination of pregnancy or diseases related to uterus to wife will happen. There will be pain in the legs and one earns bad name due to bad company and unhealthy deeds. Those in politics will get inauspicious results during this year. Relations with friends & brother get strained and one faces hurdles in litigation.

One must follow some precaution & remedial measures to cast off the malefic effects of Ketu.
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