Ketu In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in fifth house of D/1 natal chart makes the native hairy. His/ her body will have lots of hair. Neck will be beautiful; there will be moles on your arms and under your shoulders. Native will be of medium height with innocent look on face.

Nature: Ketu in fifth house makes the person enterprising. You will have respect for your elders/ senior person in the family and will enjoy very creative and religious life. You would like to spend your life coolly & quietly. You will be honored by learned people of the society.

Your precious time will be spent in cultural empowerment; you yourself will take active part in cultural activities.

You will be a thoughtful & systematic person. There will be balance in your behavior. If you find that others are getting hurt by your action, immediately you will improve your behavior.

You will be far away from selfishness. You will work for society & community with pure feeling and for your mental satisfaction and not to gain your selfish motives. And this will make you star in other’s eyes.

Profession & Career: Due to your Straight forwardness and lack of business acumen you won’t be able to achieve material success and in your professional career. It will be your honesty & hard work which will occasionally give you gains but not up to that level for which you deserve.

You will have to change your fields of profession many a times. You will go for business and job as well. You will take firm decisions in life and follow them with determination. You will have cordial relations with your seniors and subordinates that will enable you to win their favor.

Family Life: You will enjoy a balanced and happy marital life. You may face difficulty in child birth or your own decision of not having child might cause childlessness in your life.

Ketu in fifth house gives very good results if the native keeps his/ her conduct in check in youth time. One is blessed with worthy progeny and children will also get auspicious results.

Health: Cancer, Asthma & epilepsy etc diseases may trouble the native. There may be disease of hernia or ulcer in food pipe too.

It Ketu gets afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets the instability in mind will remain which will draw you towards tantric activities . You will be a lazy person, you will tend to disobey or disrespect your elders. You will ignore their advice and won’t listen to them.

If, Jupiter is also weak in the chart results of Ketu will get more afflicted. One will face curse of childlessness, and dogs only cry in the house instead of your child. If you have child, she/ he will suffer from asthma disease. Your family life will also get disturbed.

Inauspicious Ketu will give financial crunch too. One will lack clarity of vision and thoughts.
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