Ketu In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in fifth house in the annual chart is auspicious. One is blessed with son or gets happiness through sons. New opportunities on the career front keep coming. One’s progeny does well in academies and gets success in higher education. There will be full support from grand parents and children. One’s financial condition is strengthened. New love affair is established. Marital life becomes blissful. Business progresses at a fast speed. One achieves new targets with zeal & enthusiasm.

All family members will be co-operative towards the native. There is sense of fulfillment as one fulfills all family responsibilities with dedication. In that year all wishes of the native are granted .

Ketu’s auspicious results get afflicted, if malefic planets either aspect or conjunct with Ketu in fifth house. There will be unnecessary conflicts without any reasons. One has to face defame in the society, there will be obstacles in conception, child bearing and one’s education is disturbed. Expenditure over medical issues, fruitless travels, conflict or separation from son, property disputes etc might be faced.

One must perform these remedies & take precautions to cast off the malefic effects of afflicted Ketu.
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