Ketu In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If Ketu is positioned in the first house of your D/1 natal chart, it gives wheatish complexion and beautiful face. There will be spark in the eyes.

Nature: With calm & cool temperament you will do your work quietly without letting know to others. You will be firm & stubborn in your decisions.

You will be of sacrificing nature and won’t hesitate to sacrifice for those who love you and care for you. You won’t deter by the difficulties rather you help those who are in trouble. But you won’t bear anyone’s criticism and take offense if others point out your short comings. You have firm belief in God but not dedicated to religion & don’t participate in religious activities. You will try to bring changes in orthodox and conservative norms to Modern ones.

Education & Career: You will be the master of many trades. You will have interest in music and love for literature. Life up to 30 year of age will be struggling for you. You have to face challenges even for small matters in life. After that there will not be look back. You will have continues progress till the age of 55 years. You can make your career in medical, education, teaching, stationary etc fields.

Family Life: You will have love for your family members but you will earn their hatred because of your offensive nature. Father will be caring and affectionate toward you but distance from mother will be faced. It is quite possible that you may spend your early childhood away from parents at maternal uncle house. People from outside family will be helpful to you. You get married and will be blessed with son between 26-30 years of age as your first child.

Health: Generally your health remains good. If Ketu is afflicted it causes migraine pain, heart diseases, weak eye sight, etc diseases for you. Wearing spectacles at the young age is common with Ketu in first house.

Inauspicious Ketu may also cause pain in legs & Knees which appear after your marriage. Sudden injury, trouble to son, or sudden death of father etc are also the other tragic incidents which native may face with this placement of Ketu in natal chart.

You might leave your house/ family in search of truth and to satisfy your curiosity to know more about religion. For this reason you will wander in lonely places, forests and mountains but you won’t find peace in mind. Ultimately you have to come back to you family to start a new life again.

An inauspicious Ketu may deprive you from the love of your birth mother. Your own mother may expire just after your birth and you may have to be brought up by step mother. You may loose your first child either in pregnancy or at the time of birth. If birth of child takes place the child does not be alive more than one year. The next born child too will not attain success in education & career field.
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