Ketu In First House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in the first house in the annual chart is auspicious & gives benefits from the government. The Native or any member of the family gets government job. There is happiness, progress and success in all areas of life. The native is blessed with son/grand child/ nephew in that year. Children are the source of happiness. Glories, success touch the feet. New creative ideas are generated in the mind which proves beneficial for career/ profession. Many fruitful professional journeys take place. Connection & support of high officials helps in accomplishing many important works successfully. Auspicious Ketu in first house gives economic gains throughout the year.

If Ketu is either aspected or conjunct with malefic planets in first house, in that case father of the native suffers. There will be loss in business. One remains under constant mental tension, health and social prestige of the father gets affected. Poor health of wife/ children/ domestic tension, tiredness, low efficiency, conflicts with near and ones, and unexpected loses in business etc problems might be faced. Other health issues like eyes diseases, backache also appear & trouble the native.

To enhance the auspicious results of Ketu & cast off the malefic effects, one must take some precautions and do some remedial measures.
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