Ketu In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in fourth house of natal chart makes a native tall & strong built up. Your complexion will be fair but you always remain tensed up.

Nature: You would like to help others, and enjoy in making contacts with others. You would be a responsible person & know how to fulfill your commitments. Many times you get so involved in helping others that you even spend golden period of your life for the sake of others.

You would be capable in facing any kind of difficult situation. You won’t leave your courage & deter from the wildest storm in your life. You won’t leave any work incomplete which you have started. As you are full of patience and mental balance there are rare chances of spoiling your works.

You find yourself a lonely person in this world. It won’t be in your nature to get closer with others. That is the reason your friend circle will be limited. You will lack emotions and sentiments.

Career & Profession: You will be an educated and capable person. You will face many obstacles in your higher education. After some time again you will be able to achieve your educational goals.

You make frequent changes in your profession. Job related to communication field will be beneficial for you as you are capable to convince others by your communication. Career in fields of politics and law will also suit you as well.

Other professions which suit you are agriculture, and related to machinery, iron, wood, property, Navy & fish rearing etc.

You should keep your ears & eyes open and smart enough in your career, else other will take advantage of your simplicity.

Family Life: Ketu in fourth house makes Moon eclipsed that may affect your mother’s health. She might be a patient of heart disease. Moon in fourth house will cause restlessness and one finds it difficult to enjoy domestic happiness in life.

Happiness in marital life will also get affected. You will either remain bachelor all through life or there may be chances to loose your life partner at the early stage of life.

If at all marriage takes place, there will be difficulty in conception of the child or child bearing, or one may face lack of son progeny in life. You alone would not be responsible for this reason rather the medical issues of your partner would cause lack of child in the family. If you make this reason a big issue your family life would be spoiled.

Health: Health will generally remain good. If Ketu is afflicted in your chart it may cause stomach related diseases, whole in heart, diabetic and lever etc problems. You may get mentally shock which may cause you to lose your mental balance.

If Ketu gets afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets, in that case one may be face lack of happiness from mothers’ side & hurdles in higher education. Domestic happiness will also be affected. There may be theft of vehicle and instability in profession.

Other influences which may arise due to afflicted Ketu are the floor of the house will be patchy & broken or it will be red in color. You will feel restlessness in mind. Your initial years of life will be full of struggles and difficulties. You will face lack of wealth & won’t be able to make good bank balance.
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