Ketu In Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in the fourth house in the annual chart gives happiness through house. The native will feel new zeal & enthusiasm. New vehicle shall be purchased. The money will keep coming from various sources. One will be hard working & a happy person. One will remain calm & mentally peaceful. One will be helpful to other and serve take care of his/ her mother. If there is any litigation or court case is going that will go in one’s favor. Business of landed property, agriculture products & minerals etc will yield great benefits during that year and one will get benefits of his/ her wisdom.

But Ketu aspected or conjoined by malefic planets in fourth house becomes afflicted and casts health troubles to the native’s mother. There will be family & property disputes too. The native will have the tendency to advise others without asking. There will be lack of male progeny in one’s life. Diseases like diabetes and lack of enthusiasm might be faced. One will be worried on account of children’s health. One feels restlessness and dissatisfaction as well.

One must follow these remedies & precautions to cast the malefic effects of planets.
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