Ketu In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in ninth house in D/1 natal chart gives physical luster to the native. He will be the most attractive person in the family.

Nature: You will have sweet nature and love0 to stay alone. You would like to lead a life of principles. You will be efficient enough to face any difficult situation in life.

You are a religious person and would participate enthusiastically in all religious work. You would love to visit religious places and pilgrimages.

You will be an optimistic person leaving good or bad on God. You will neither have tension for future nor sincere enough in your endeavors.

Career Profession: You would be well educated & a scholar person. Though master of many fields you will keep changing your professions and stay away from your birth place, most probably at foreign land. You will attain high position and would not like to earn money by illegal or foul means. You will be endowed with great courage.

You will be self confident person. You will dedicate yourself with honesty & integrity to those who depend on you.

You will be a distinct personality. You are endowed with outward & internal strength which will motivate you to accomplish your work with ease.

You would like to counsel others. You will shine in all areas of life especially in the field of arts, writing and social services work.

Family Life: You will grow up under the able guidance of your parents and teachers. You feel proud in serving them. Though you will attain ancestral property but you would like to be self efficient and self made person. Marital life will be satisfactory. Your wife will have all traits of a good house maker. Marital life will be satisfactory.

Your children will bring good name for the family. Your sons will earn new identity for you and if you move ahead in life with advice of your wife or son, it will prove beneficial for you and no one can stop you to achieve the heights.

Health: You may face major health issues in older age. Your father will suffer from long incurable disease like typhoid, jaundice; cancer etc and you are also likely to suffer from these diseases. No matter of what serious disease you suffer, it will not be shown on your face. No change in your facial expression and attraction could be noticed in that stage.

If Ketu is afflicted due to the influence of malefic planets either by aspect or conjunction you will get addiction of alcohol which will be difficult for you to leave. It’s better that you should not pick up any addiction.

Malefic Ketu will cause difference of opinions with father and lack of happiness from your brothers.
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