Ketu In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits. If the position of Ketu is in second house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native is of average height and with strong built up. He/she would like to use strong scented perfumes.

Nature: Ketu in second house makes one a cultured person. You will have complete faith in religion, you will be committed to your words and fulfill your promises at any cost.

Second house signifies one’s wealth, property, family and verbal traits also. If Ketu is in second house the native uses harsh and bitter words in his/her conversation. One tends to speak loudly in order to make others understand his/her things; in the process the significance of native’s words is lost.

Being very ambitious in life perseverance and hard work are the tools which native uses to achieve his/her targets. You will trust others easily. You are a day dreamer and making castles in the air will be in your nature.

The other traits which are found in your nature are instability in thoughts, moody temperament; you will change your opinions in no time. You will attract others by your mischievous and playful activities, and won’t allow getting angry anyone.

You would love both vegetarian and non vegetarian food and could be an excellent cook.

Such native are very sharp & intelligent and do well in field of education & career. You will respect your Guru & follow them, as you are very religious & grounded person, who is been brought up in traditional manner.

You can be an expert in Mantra Siddhi, and performing rituals as per Vedas and Shastras.

Astro consultant, chanting of Mantra, Tantra & Yagya Hawan, working in bank and dealing with insurance and life insurance policy are the fields which you can choose as your profession.

If you are in job, you may get the high post and won’t face much difficulty in your career.

Travel & Tourism etc business will also be beneficial for you. Salesmanship and business of export and import etc works may also suit you.

Family Life: A balanced and harmonious family life is enjoyed by the native. You will be loved and favorite of many. Your family will be well cultured. People will be inspired by your family and will quote the example of your family. You will have joint family which may include your parents, siblings and others blood relations too. Your mother is not very healthy and may face health problems in life.

Your wife will be a decent lady. Your family life will be good your children will be educated & committed.

Your relations with in laws side will be very strong. Your wife’s sister & brother will be respectful to you. Your wife will belong to a respectable family. You may be gifted a good amount of wealth & house from your parents in law.

Health: Seasonal ailments may affect you occasionally like coughing, fever, tonsils and nausea etc diseases.

It Ketu is afflicted either by conjunction or aspect by malefic planets it casts inauspicious results. It may bring bad name for the family. You may get addictions of theft & intoxication. Speak foul language, abuses and hurting others by words is common in such natives. There will be frequent changes of home and business. You will face loss of wealth. You may face theft while you travel, and deceit by known person in foreign land.

You would like to show off and will not even hesitate to put your life at stake in competition.

Inauspicious Ketu may cause more harm to you if your wife’s sister or aunt stay with you. In these case false allegations of black money, smuggling might be faced. Performing religious activities will also cause harm to you. You may be thrown out from a big company you are working with or may be transferred to a distant lonely place.
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