Ketu In Second House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in second house in the annual chart gives many professional journeys. The native has to travel a lot on account of business / job. He/ She will be assigned new professional responsibilities. The money comes from various sources. The more he/ she ventures & find out new sources, the more benefits will be received. There will be promotion / progress with the journey. New job opportunities with better prospects will knock at the door. Your communication gets enriched and powerful which shall secure good position in the social circle. Your interest in spiritualism, Yoga, meditation shall enhance. There will be pilgrimages, & religious travel too.

But malefic Ketu in second house spoils the good results. One behaves in adverse manner. If Ketu in second house is either aspected or conjunct by malefic planets it becomes malefic. Premature graying of hair, throat infection, excess and meaningless talking are likely & one’s verbal communication gets out of control. All these are signs of malefic Ketu. Frequent argumentation and difference of opinions with spouse, sons make you worried. Your almost accomplished works shall get spoiled. The native will suffer due to financial loss, mental tension, government’s hurdles and excess of debts. One’s near & dear ones become hostile, unexpected postings & transfer are also likely to take place.

The following precautions & remedial measures will be helpful to cast off the negative effects of malefic planets.
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