Ketu In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in seventh house of D/1 natal chart signifies Venusians’ traits in the personality. As per kal Purush Kundli seventh house is ruled by Venus planet. One’s complexion, behavior, nature and physical traits will be influenced by Venus. You will be an attractive person.

Nature: Ketu in seventh house makes the person man of principles. He will never tell lies, ever committed and always be an optimistic person.

Native will have cool temperament and would like to make the atmosphere cool around him. You would be an expert to make the environment lively with your sweet and balanced nature.

Enemies will not dare to stand against you. You will be a motivating influence for others too. You set an example for your family. You and your wife will be praised for moral values.

Career & Profession: You will be an intelligent and qualified person. Both job as well as business suits you well.

Professions that suit you are teaching, and relating to computer, Stationary, television, Salesmanship, Receptionist, and business of ladies related items etc.

You would like to travel a lot. That is why travel & tourism etc work will also be beneficial for you; partnership business will prove favourable for you. You will be an ardently hard working & creative person. Your mind will have new creative ideas everyday which will help you to start your desired work and earn pretty well. You will be a good counselor. Financially you will remain sound.

Family Life: Ketu in seventh house blesses one with beautiful and competent spouse. Either the spouse or someone from the family will be in government job.

Your child will prove lucky for you. Your wealth will increase from all corners once you have a child. You will be tagged as ‘Rich’ man in the society.

You will face lack of happiness from your elder brother & sisters but relations will remain good. You will be a concerned person for the welfare of your family & perform your family responsibilities with commitment.

You may have two marriages. To investigate or know about the nature & health of your spouse after marriage is must.

Health: If Ketu is without any malefic influence it will make you sharp minded. If it is afflicted in that case you may suffer from secret diseases. Problems in child birth, cancer etc diseases are the possibilities. There may be chances of being poisoned or committing suicide too.

You may jump from height or get injuries in air travel accident.
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