Ketu In Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in the Seventh house in the annual chart gives ample new job opportunities. New thoughts & ideas increase the creativity of the native. New planning is made. Partnership business yields fruitful results & gains a new dimension. Native get unprecedented support from the spouse & the siblings as well. There will be growth & progress in business and one gets happiness, prestige and is honored in the society, the auspicious ceremonies are organized at home. Travels are also beneficial in this year.

But, Ketu casts inauspicious results if it has either aspect or conjunct by malefic planets. There will be rivalry & competition, unexpected opposition is faced by the native. The enemies may try to harm & tarnish the image of the native. New projects, new works will be started but soon they will be called off. Travel to religious place or pilgrimage will be harmful. There will be fruitless expenses, and money will flow through various means, knowingly or unknowingly. The relations between husband & wife get strained, and irritation and disappointment etc will take over the native.

So, the native must fallow some precautions & remedial measures to cast off the negative effects of malefic Ketu.
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