Ketu In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in sixth house makes the native attractive & good looking.

Nature: Sixth house Ketu gives you attraction and cheerful temperament. It bestows auspicious results if one leads a spiritualistic life. The native achieves this accomplishment when he/she leaves everything, all materialistic things in life and wants renunciation. In that case, when one is attracted towards the supernatural powers instead of living entities on earth. Ketu in this house makes one accomplishes the most desired wish. But this happens only when one is completely free from family financial tension, leaves the materialistic world and has a different outlook.

You will become very proud in this condition. You will be an egoistic person who considers himself very smart and under estimates others. You will get angry very fast on small issue instead of solving that with cool & quiet mind. You will not give importance to other’s views. Ketu in this house makes you a virtuous person and one becomes popular on account of these virtues in the society.

Profession & Career: Sixth house is Mercury house. So Ketu sitting in this house works like Mercury. It enhances ones intelligence and makes one a learned person. The native receives prestige, awards and rewards in the society.

Professions related to machines and other technical works will give you success. Insurance and life insurance policy etc works also suit to such native. You may choose economics or account subjects as your field of career.


1. Job, or brokerage work will be more beneficial than business. You will grow in this line.

2. You will be of criticizing nature which will make you arrogant. You can gain much benefits from government and the people around you if you have a check on your these habits.

Family Life: You will have joint and a very big family in which there will be unity among the family members. You will enjoy having meals & all materialistic pleasures in company of your family members.

You will get married with the educated & cultured partner who will work in harmony with your family. But she/he may suffer from some diseases don’t ignore the health of your spouse. Taking timely consultation and medication from the doctor will be in your favor in this case.

Health: Diseases in lower abdomen from naval to lower parts of body trouble you. There will be chances of skin diseases, boil and ache etc too.

If Ketu gets afflicted due to the association or aspect of malefic planets it makes one’s wife a diseased person. Serious ailments related to urinary system may trouble her.

An afflicted Ketu may give troubles at the time of child birth especially when the son is born. If, your mother sees the male grandchild takes birth in her lifetime, she will enjoy happiness of birth of grandchild in family for 40 days only, after that either your mother or son will suffer from some disease or tragedy may take place in the family.

Inauspicious Ketu will make the environment tensed up due to the behavior of one member in the family. In the court case too, the native will face defeat.
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