Ketu In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in tenth house makes the native lean & thin physically. Big eyes, wide teeth, and prominent nose are the other features. The native has thin yet oval face.

There are moles on the knees. The males have very thin hair in their beard. That person is the most attractive one in the family.

Nature: The native is loving to all as he speaks sweetly. There are set principles in his/ her life, yet an unknown fear always stay in mind. Sometimes, native suffers due to excess of fear but in that state too he/ she is capable to face any difficult situation. Such native is capable to clear all hindrances and achieve the targets. Honesty & selflessness are the other qualities which make him strong. They are hesitant to make new friends. Such natives are neither worried for the future nor they are serious about the present.

Career & Profession: Ketu in tenth house makes the person versatile. The native is master in many traits. He/she has interest in arts, machines, cloth business, tailoring, mechanical, cooking etc works. He attains special discretion in these fields.

Generally, native keeps changing his profession due to his varied interests in various fields. He would not like to restrict himself in one field only.

If Saturn is well placed in the chart, Ketu in tenth house gives ample opportunities to the native to grow. Such native is capable to earn gold from the clay. He may be a good sport person, and earn good name in the fields of sports. Such natives could be leaders of any party due to the organizational capabilities. If Jupiter is well placed in the chart and Ketu is in tenth house, such native achieves higher position and status in the society. Technical & financial fields prove beneficial for the native. The native stays away from the native place & earns money. That is the reason; such native should stay in other state or foreign land for their earning.

Family Life: Generally, Such natives who have Ketu in the tenth house of D/1 chart are self made person; they don’t get any benefits from their parents.

Marital life of such natives is generally satisfactory. They are not very romantic person and take less interest in matter of hearts. They take god care of their family & near & dear ones. They are not interested to make relation with opposite sex rather they remain very alert in their communication with them. They are friendlier with opposite sex members who are older to them.

They are generally seen careless in matters of health & that is the reason they face serious health problems in life. They are expert in hiding their pain even though suffering with acute health problems in life. TB, Paralysis, stomach diseases, knee injury, skin diseases, fracture and arthritis etc. fire accidents, injuries through weapons are also seen in their childhood period.

If Ketu is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, it gets afflicted and casts inauspicious results. Such natives will have knowledge in various fields but it won’t help to earn bread & butter for the native. As such native will be like jack of many trades master of none. His own brother well troubles the native. One’s progeny will get affected; in that case children of such native either stay away from home or don’t survive. Wife gets sick or expires at the time of child birth. There is also a possibility of divorce. Marital life gets disturbed. Addiction of alcohol may ruin the life.

Native has fear from government officials as malefic Ketu in tenth house weakens the yoga of taking government favor. Legal hassle or court matters may be possible. They face difficulties in the business and one losses his hard earned wealth in foreign land.
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