Ketu In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in tenth house in the annual chart brings popularity for the native. Relations with government person or high officials will be sweet. One can get his/ her any type of work done with the use of smart communication and wisdom. One’s prestige & status in the society is enhanced. Interest in sports shall increase. One gets good messages & news from outside country. There will be opportunities to get connected with economic finance department of any country. The children of the native attain remarkable achievement in that year. There will be purchase of valuable items & one’s personal life will be happy & peaceful.

But there will be losses, if Ketu gets afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets. Travels will be fruitless, one will earn bad name. There will be clashes in the family and spoiled relation with father. There will be delay in works due to government officials. No job will reach its completion during that year. One will face loss of finances, energy and lack of enthusiasm & will power in the entire year. The problems seem solved, become gigantic, and uncontrollable. There is a possibility of fracture / pain in legs and waist.

Some precautions & remedies may reduce the malefic effects of Ketu.
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