Ketu In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in third house of D/1 natal chart blesses one with good height, intelligence, attractive & cheerful appearance. Eyes will be sharp and one will have thick growth of hair on your scalp.

Nature: You will be a very lucky and blessed person. God will bestow help on you. You tend to advice others without even asking. You won’t have any ill feelings towards anyone. But making some benefit for yourself in any circumstances is your forte.

In the beginning, your behavior will be very good with others but gradually there will be changes in your behavior. Your mental state & views are difficult to understand. At the moment you seem happy & cheerful the very next moment you seem angry. Your situation will be like a rolling stone who sees only his benefits.

You will be smart enough in gossips & spreading rumors. You will enjoy in back biting like ladies.

There will always be ups & downs in your life which means there will be not be stability in your life.

Others may tag you as a cheater or selfish person, but the plus point in your personality is that you would never like to give physical hurt to anyone.

Profession & Career: You will spend your life on foreign land away from your native place. You will have sharp intelligence but you will not use your mind in creative activities. You will realize your responsibilities only when you grow up.

Profession like tour & travel, sale/ purchase of vehicles, and brokerage in sale/ purchase of property will be beneficial for you.

Other professions related to tobacco, weapons, religious items, tourist guide, sports items, stationary items etc will also suit you. You will keep meeting with new business opportunities from time to time.

Family Life: You will be an obedient child of your parents. You will have great warmth & affection for your brothers. Without caring much of your own needs you will take care of others. Your brothers will be famous you will give them your whole hearted support- both emotionally and financially.

Your marital life will not be cordial due to your family. Your wife would not like you to have relations with your parents & siblings but you won’t listen to her, which will cause discords in the family and even divorce may happen on account of this reason.

Health: Your health will be good. But your first priority is wealth, and in attaining this motive you may neglect your health. You will not care of your diet, exercise and working schedule, which may cause you various diseases like diabetes, and gastric problems etc.

Ketu, if either is aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it casts inauspicious results. In that case one may suffer with boils, acne, ear problems & diseases in spinal cord etc. Malefic Ketu will make a person wanderer who will keep on wandering meaninglessly like a saint. You will always be in confusion and would easily believe others.

You will have to face legal hassles/many civil cases and in the process have to make visits to police/ thana/ court etc. There may be imprisonment too for you either in the case of divorce or any other reason. Your bad name & evils will roam around and reach first before you where ever you go. Rumors will go hand in hand with you. To ward off the negative effects of malefic Ketu there are some remedies & precautions.
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