Ketu In Third House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in the third house in the annual chart causes frequent travels. The native remains energetic & courageous. There will be beautiful Co-ordination of material & spiritual strength along with divine powers in one’s life. The native will gain new heights in all fields. One receives auspicious messages throughout the year. The native will be helpful towards siblings & friends and in return will get Co-operation & support by them in wee hours. Some new venture will be inaugurated. There will be more gains with fewer efforts. Travel will be fruitful in this year. The natives will learn good things in life leaving behind the bad and negative past.

If, Ketu is afflicted by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets, it affects the happiness from the brothers. The native has to wander with no results in distant land. Mental tension will remains throughout the years. There may be punishment by the government or unexpected fire accident. One may face fall of prestige and conflicts with near & dear ones. There will be sudden break in the moving projects; the financial gains well get affected. Pain in shoulders & arms could also be experienced by the native.

The native must do some remedies and take some precautions to cast off the effects of malefic Ketu.
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