Ketu In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in 12th house of D/1 natal chart indicates mediocre height. One will have dark complexion with dark and quiet eyes which will always be seen inquisitive in search of something new.

Nature: Ketu is said to be the follower of Jupiter, So Ketu in this house works like Jupiter and enhances ones spiritual inclinations. In search of renunciation you may get into divinity. Your views and thoughts are colored with spiritualism. Your position would be like a saint who sits on a luxurious couch wears precious clothes, and ornaments and enjoys all luxurious things in life. That means you would like to enjoy materialistic spiritualistic both the worlds who wants to full fill all lust and desires at one side and other side would have desires to leave everything in order to meet divinity.

You will be a responsible person and would always be dutiful to all your responsibilities.

Career & Profession: Ketu signifies travels in 12th house. Journey to foreign land and benefits through the travels are all in Ketu’s domain.

You may do very well and shine your destiny by hard work in foreign land than your own native place.

You will be master in many traders, and take no time to learn anything new.

You may make good career in astrology & spiritualistic fields. God will always be with you and fulfill all your desires no matter whether you are hard working or not.

You will make a mark of yourself by your outstanding performance and virtues like forgiving etc. You will not lose your determination and heart even at the time of your downfall.

Family Life: Ketu signifies son progeny that is the reason son plays important role for your destiny. Your sons will be helpful and co-operative towards you.

But you will not get any support from brother side. In some of the matters you brothers may be cause of tension and misery. If you do partnership business with the brothers it will result in failure and money loss.

Ketu in 12th house signifies a whole meaningful life. It makes the positive and harmonious environment at home. Ketu is very powerful in this house. Auspicious Ketu blesses all comforts of luxurious life and property.

Health: You may suffer diseases in eyes, head and upper part of forehead. You are in the habit of not telling your problem to anyone, you are yourself a doctor and take medicine without consulting any doctor which will gradually take a serious turn.

If Ketu is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it gets afflicted and casts its inauspiciousness. In that case the native hates dogs and other animal and do harm to them. If you injure the animals you may have to pay the cost. Your children will suffer; your health or children health will get affected. If you construct your house on the land which you bought from the person who is childless your own children will become purposeless and mischievous and cause tension to you.

The in-auspiciousness of afflicted Ketu will make you wander aimlessly leaving your responsibilities and family behind in search of peace of mind, truth and God. There may be several trial of suicide on your part too.
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