Ketu In Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Ketu in twelfth house gives promotion in the job. One’s life is balanced and disciplined and happy year is promised. There will be gains through foreign travel, and one gets victory over his/ her enemies. One takes more interest in religious works, worship and charity works. There will be all round happiness in all areas of life. One may get transfer in that year. One gets interested in astrology and spirituality and enhances his/ her knowledge in these fields, in this way attains self realization and self purification. The native will get direct messages from the God or feel Divine intervention in life. One’s said things well definitely are proved true.

But afflicted Ketu, if has aspect or conjunct by malefic planets bestows inauspicious results. In this case, father’s accumulated wealth will be destroyed. The native will be an addict of bad habits, drugs, prostitution and waste money in life. One gets defamation in the society and his/ her own siblings start humiliating the native. There will be deceit & loot. One may even try to commit suicide. There will be loss of money which may lead to bankruptcy.

So to cast off the malefic effects of Ketu one must follow some precautions & remedial measures.
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