Lal Kitab Daughter/Sister Debt

Sign (reason) :-

Someone’s sister or daughter to be killed or tortured. Selling innocent child or keeping tendency of revenge.

Forbidding result :-

Unfortunate events occur abruptly at the time of sister or daughter’s marriage or at the time of their birth. The person ruins completely. Also, if the person is wealthy then becomes bankrupt. Sometimes, unlucky events occur at the time of male children’s birth.

It impacts badly on individuals’ body. Teeth fall. Sense of smell loses.

Remedies (Sister's / Daughter's Debt) : -

. Collect yellow Cody from all the family members. Make them scorch and flow that ashes in the water.
. Wear gold ring in nose after piercing for ninety six days.
. Visit orphanage for upbringing the poor and orphan children.

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