Lal Kitab Effects on Mars (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars In First House

Medium of Education and Employment: If Mars is at right position, your mind gets powered and makes you successful businessman. You may get job in government sector or in army and you will be very enthusiastic. You may become a good

Mars In Second House

Mars in second house:As your Mars is in the second house, you will be beautiful and will have good height. You will have medium fair color, thin legs and long arms. Nature: Your nature will like a narrow

Mars In Third House

Mars in third house: In the third house, Mars is the friend of Sun, when it is accompanied by sun, Mars become good. If a person is having Mars is his ruling planet then power, energy, courage, anger etc features are some of his qua

Mars In Fourth House

Mars in fourth house: As your Mars is in the fourth house, you will be thin, dwarf and possess bad behavior. Your physique would be strange even then you will have attraction powers. Nature: Because o

Mars In Fifth House

Mars in fifth house: Your Mars is in the fifth house, which is the house of Mars friend Surya. Due to this, you will have dark complexion and you will have a mark of injury on your face. You would be tall, strong, sport lover and pr

Mars In Sixth House

Mars in sixth house: As your Mars is in sixth house, you would be lean in childhood and in the middle age you would become obese. You will be recognized separately in the crowd. You might have a mole or wart on your face. br

Mars In Seventh House

Mars in seventh house: Due to the presence of Mars in the seventh house, you would be beautiful, tall, attractive, money spender, cloth jewelry and perfume lover. Behavior: you would be a hot tempered

Mars In Eighth House

The position of Mars in eighth house in the annual chart makes the native full of life, enthusiastic & enterprising person. He will not feel lack of initiative & courage throughout the year. Injustice & wrong things will not be toler

Mars In Ninth House

Medium of Education and Employment: Mars is a planet to respect justice. And mars in ninth house gives special intelligence to a person. You can be a good politician. You will get benefits from your power. You will be interested in

Mars In Tenth House

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be a hard working student and you education can be completed away from your home in a hostel. You will get engineering education but select the other mode for you business or livelihood.

Mars In Eleventh House

Medium of Education and Employment: Mostly Mars in eleventh house makes a person scientist and historical. Because it is your inborn quality to keep anything secret. And due to this you are completely eligible for personal secretar

Mars In Twelfth House

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be brilliant and will also be interested in sports and will get fame in sports also. If you make your career related field with sports then you will be more successful than others. br/

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