Lal Kitab Effects on Moon (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon In First House

Moon in the First House- Due to the influence of moon you will be of fair complexion. You are blessed with a unique attraction on your face which will draw people’s trust in you. You will be of short height. You are likely to have sm

Moon In Second House

Moon in the second house- For you the moon is in the second house due to which your complexion will be fair. You eyes will be beautiful and attractive, you will tend to be of medium height and will draw people’s hearts towards yourse

Moon In Third House

Due to moon being in the third house, you will be handsome with good height, good physique, reasonably good complexion and long limbs. Nature-You will be of religious natural disposition which will bring you immense good fortune. T

Moon In Fourth House

Moon in the fourth house- Your moon is in the fourth house due to which you will be blessed with a good physic. You will possess a pleasing and attractive personality. Your face will bear the mark of a mole or a scar.

Moon In Fifth House

Moon in the fifth house- Moon is the cause of the heart. Happiness or sorrow depends heavily on the moon. Due to moon being in the fifth house the person is less attractive. He is of a weak physic. His complexion is dusky. Sometimes

Moon In Sixth House

Moon in the sixth house- Your moon belongs to the sixth house due to which your complexion is wheat-ish. You will be of mediocre height and physic. You ll be physically agile. You will have a gift of gab and you will tend to be talka

Moon In Seventh House

Moon in the seventh house- Due to moon in the seventh house you will be blessed with tall height and well built physique. You will possess a mixed complexion. In proportion to your size of the body you have small hands. You will have

Moon In Eighth House

Moon in the eighth house- Due to this lagna you may fail to attract others towards yourself inspire of being handsome. Your personality lacks the charisma of attracting others –You may be of medium height and swarthy complexion. br

Moon In Ninth House

Moon in the ninth house- The moon is in your ninth house which makes you look handsome, strongly built and very capable personality. It because you are a fair complexioned, medium heighted, conservative, sober and high spirited indiv

Moon In Tenth House

Moon in the tenth house- Your moon is in the tnth house which makes you an attractive person. You face will have a mole or unlucky mark. Your hair is likely to be short. Your personality will be a balanced one.

Moon In Eleventh House

Moon in the eleventh house- The moon in the eleventh house of your lagna makes you a handsome person .of normal physique and height, wise and dynamic with a great vision. Nature- As a result of this your

Moon In Twelfth House

Moon in the twelfth house- Since the moon is in this house you happen to have a very good personality with round face ,huge eyes, strong muscular body and normal height will make you look handsome indeed. Nature

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