Lal Kitab Effects on Saturn (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn In First House

Saturn in first phase: Because of Saturn, your eyes will be small but eyesight would be good. Your hair will be of black color. You may be of medium height. Your face color does not matter whether it is fair or not as you will be att

Saturn In Second House

Saturn in second house: If Saturn is in the second house then the individual would have attractive features. You would have medium height, having a long nose, will have tendency to turn eyes round, broad shoulders, and small legs. Yo

Saturn In Third House

Saturn in Third House: As your Saturn is in the third house, you will be an ordinary person having a strong physique. Nature: Saturn sitting in the third house makes you deep inside and you will be quie

Saturn In Fourth House

Saturn in fourth house: As your Saturn in the fourth house, you will be thin and would have tired eyes. Also, you will have a spot or mole on your face. Nature: You will have a weak heart and you will

Saturn In Fifth House

Saturn in fifth house: As your Saturn in the fifth house, you will be tall and healthy. You would have big face and big eyes. Behavior: You would have good nature and will do any kind of task with zeal.

Saturn In Sixth House

Saturn in sixth house- You will be tall, lean and you will have a long head. You will not be beautiful or ugly. You will have normal features. Behavior- You will be clever while talking with someone but

Saturn In Seventh House

Saturn in seventh house- As your Saturn in the seventh house, you will be thin. Your complexion will be fair and stature will be medium. Behavior- You will be an innocent and scary person. You would not

Saturn In Eighth House

Saturn in eighth house- As your Saturn in the eighth house, you will have beautiful face and bright eyes. Due to some of the planets in astrology, you may also appear as cruel. Behavior – You may have to

Saturn In Ninth House

Saturn in ninth house- Your Saturn is in the ninth house, due to which you will be dark and tall. Behavior- you will be cool headed and cool looking person. You will not express your emotions by your fac

Saturn In Tenth House

Saturn in tenth house- Your medium stature will be proportional heavy. Your eyes will be very attractive. Behavior- You will be a scholar and will be respected in the society. You will be known in each a

Saturn In Eleventh House

Saturn in eleventh house- Your Saturn is in the eleventh house, due to which you will have medium sized body, wide cheek and red lean lips. Behavior- You will be quite person. You will listen to all sile

Saturn In Twelfth House

Saturn in twelfth house- As your Saturn is in the twelfth house, you will be attractive and innocent looking person. You will have congenital magnetic power in your eyes. If you see someone by the smiling face then he/she will leave

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